Cassia is the royal spice-keeper among the shadelings, a race of small, spice-loving creatures.  She loves rich scents and cool breezes, and will happily bring you anything you need to add flavor to your culinary adventures!

She is a handmade doll who stands approximately 16.5 inches tall from toe to ear-tip. 

Her body is made on a wrapped-wire frame which has been reinforced with apoxysculpt and resin, so she can hold a variety of poses. The rest of her is a combination of anti-pill fleece, four types of faux fur, and a mix of cotton and synthetic fabrics. Everything is topped off with a face, hands and hooves which were hand-sculpted and then cast in urethane.  Her necklace is made of curls of real cinnamon sticks strung together with hemp. 

Her details were hand-painted with acrylic model paint, then sealed with a protective finish. Her moth-wing coat and the trim and shading on her clothes have also been hand-painted, and the eyespots of the wings are detailed with glow-in-the-dark paint, for an extra bit of fun when the sun sets.

Cassia has been SOLD!

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