The Fundraising Post


Hey! Hi. We—-that is myself, Mamaflash, and Dem-hips—-are running a fundraiser this week. On Labor Day we had an emergency vet visit. The story itself could be triggering, so I’ll provide a link to it below and just say here that we lost too much money to handle with our current jobs. (And, more importantly, the most amazing pet I’ve ever known.)

In happier news, in order to try and cover rent, we’re doing a second printing of our Yowamushi Pedal shirts!



Both available at our storenevy, UPSTAGE

The last con left our stock pretty empty, but we’re bringing the screens back for both our Peak and GROSS patterns all this week. Please check ‘em out! You can also contact us at our gmail (Upstagemail) if you have any questions about sizing or potential color changes, and we’ll do the best we can to accommodate you.

If you want to know what the fundraiser’s in honor of, or just find out a little more about a wonderful animal, here’s an info post about Nonny. It’s not a quarter of what she deserves, but it’s all I’ve got in me at the moment.

NOTE: We’re working to scrape up our other goods as well to place on the storenvy, so if you’re not interested in bikes, please bookmark it and check back in a bit to see if we have something else that interests you—-how about cute whales or Psychonauts? We’re working on it!

Hello tumblr, let me tell you a thing. 

The lovely lady who made this post is my friend Avis, who is, without a hint of joking, one of the most kind and giving people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. 

She and her housemates have been through some especially rough times recently after the loss of their bird Nonny, who was without a doubt every bit as wonderful as the ladies she shared a home with (she got it from her mamas). You can read more about Nonny in the info post linked above, and I highly recommend doing so because she was one of the most wonderful creatures to ever take a nap on my shoulder (this is a high bar, I assure you).

The last thing I want anyone to have to deal with after the already terrible pain of losing a pet as well-loved as Nonny is to worry about how they’re going to be able to pay vet bills or anything else.

So I guess I am just asking you guys, my followers, all 15,000something of you, to take a couple moments out of your day and read some words about a wonderful animal and some wonderful people, and if you find something in their shop that you’d like to have for yourself, or simply wish to reblog and help spread the word, or offer them any words of kindness you can muster, it would be so, so appreciated, because these ladies and their bird mean the world to me.

Thanks to you all, and I hope that brighter days find everyone, looking ahead.

I actually made this mini QUITE a while ago, but haven’t been able to get any half-decent pictures of it til now (flash doesn’t like to play nice).  

This was a mini I made for a DnD character I never actually used: a gnoll druid.

The base is very unfinished and will probably remain that way unless I get an opportunity to use her again. 

Entirely hand-sculpted from Super Sculpey and apoxy sculpt with a tiny wire core, painted in acrylics. She stands about an inch and a quarter tall.